Terms of Service

Last Updated: 06/07/2020


This document outlines how we provide services and how we expect clients to use our services.

Design Delays

We understand that clients have had other priorities so we’re fine with waiting for content, logo, or feedback as needed. However, if there is a significant delay, we will ask for the final payment to be made in good faith, with website completion to follow.

Browser Compatibility

Our websites are built to be compatible with the browsers 99% of visitors use. For the remaining 1% – primarily Internet Explorer – some parts of your website may look odd or even broken. Upon request, we may modify or add custom code that will allow the website to look and function better in Internet Explorer, but we do not design websites for use with Internet Explorer, as it is technically no longer supported by Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft themselves recommend not using Internet Explorer.

Support Turnaround

Customer service is the foundation of my business and my clients deserve and can expect a very fast turnaround on support requests. Support requests often are completed within an hour and almost always within 24 hours. Depending on how extensive the changes are, your request can take several days.

Hosting Uptime

Although we guarantee an impressive 99.9% uptime, that still means a potential of nearly 9 hours of downtime over the course of a year. Typically, clients can expect downtime to be far lower than this – essentially 100% uptime.

Email Quota

AnthVale business email allows for 5GB storage for each email account. Higher limits are sometimes allowed at our discretion. However, we suggest that if a client’s email storage needs are beyond 5GB, that’s a strong indication that a dedicated third-party email provider (Gmail or Outlook for example) would be a better fit.

Email Errors

AnthVale’s business email service is very reliable, but it is not 100% problem-free with 100% uptime. If a client is very sensitive to email issues and/or temporary downtime, we encourage them to move to a dedicated email provider such as Gmail, Outlook, or another service which can provide a much deeper level of support and troubleshooting of routine issues and hiccups. We are happy to help with migration to those services.